Under Ski Tower


We work with international clients to offer comprehensive film production anywhere in Poland. Having operated in the Polish film industry for years, we guarantee effective execution of the project throughout the entire production process – from location scouting and casting, to set organisation, all the way to post-production of the material.

We work with the best industry experts, and as one of the companies within the OTO Film group, we directly use the services of other sister companies – VuFinder virtual studio, ORKA post-production studio, and Cafe Ole sound post-production studio.


Poland is a very diverse country in terms of its natural landscapes which is why it offers the potential for filming in varied environments. Within Poland, we can access the seaside with beautiful, golden beaches, lakes, vast forests, as well as high mountain ranges.

Poland abounds in numerous historical sites, castles, churches and open-air film museums, as well as industrial buildings, modern apartment complexes, or skyscrapers. We can organise filming both in a peaceful countryside, and in a large city. For the purpose of filming, we can scout suitable locations and adapt them to the needs of a given production.


Carefully considered film production budget management is an essential part of our work. We take care of the project financing and, if need be, we can assist in securing co-funding, using e.g. support programmes offered by the Polish Film Institute.


We collaborate with VuFinder virtual studio where we can make even the most demanding, original ideas come true. Thanks to new technologies and LED screen displays, we can transport the story we are telling to a place where anything is possible – to virtualreality.


We have at our disposal a professional, cutting-edge post-production setup thanks to our cooperation with ORKA studio andCafe Ole sound post-production studio. Benefitting from the skills ofthe best industry experts, we offer editing, colour correction; wework on sound, dubbing and special effects in the producedfootage.

We provide comprehensive, professional film post-production, necessary to convey the intended character and achieve the ultimate final quality of the project.